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Article: Voila! Nie wieder Langeweile!

Voila! Hide and seek.

Voila! Nie wieder Langeweile!

New collection of slippers by Hums for fighting the boredom at home. 

Hums presents a new collection of slippers and house shoes after its successful collaboration with & Other Stories. With eight different styles, this curated early spring collection gives your feet a new comfort zone for your ten toes.

Take them on with a smile and challenge the boredom.

"We sold out our mini collection with & Other Stories within hours and then offered it on our site and sold it all again on pre-order"

Hums is known for their ready-to-wear luxury slippers and house shoes. By balancing a playful yet refined design with great comfort, Hums have made the all-day slipper relevant again. This collection reflects their signature aesthetic in four different styles.

"When creating this collection, we selected eight styles together that brings the best from our collaboration with & Other Stories together with new classic styles for spending time at home, on zoom or at a house party!" says Henrietta Nyvang, Creative Director at Hums.

"We breathe new life into our Cat motif slipper, bring our Talisman eye and provide newness with our tTassle brownie slipper"

Explore the collection and get to know the eight styles that come with matching artwork that you get when buying one of the new styles.

"We went classic with eyes, crosses, blues, blacks and sands in our styles for men. For the wild at heart we created a Tiger stripe slipper.”

Stylish but not stiff. Wonderful to wear. Arty and pretty. At home or at a party. Hum. Freedom for feet. Make your choice!

Humswear AB was founded in Stockholm in 2019 and have had successful collaborations with NK, Le Bon Marche, Grand Hotel, Berns and & Other Stories.

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