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Classic sandals to enter summer in style. Hums sandals have that comfortable, soft feel a sandal should give you, and are designed for being used both indoors and outdoors, every day of the summer.

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Berry Crush SandalBerry Crush Sandal
Berry Crush Sandal Sale price€69,00
Sail Away SandalSail Away Sandal
Sail Away Sandal Sale price€69,00
Candy Striped SandalCandy Striped Sandal
Candy Striped Sandal Sale price€86,95
Evergreen Sandal (women) Evergreen Sandal (women)
Evergreen Sandal (women) Sale price€69,00
Shadow Step SandalShadow Step Sandal
Shadow Step Sandal Sale price€69,00
Melody SandalMelody Sandal
Melody Sandal Sale price€86,95
Evergreen SandalEvergreen Sandal
Evergreen Sandal Sale price€69,00
Strike SandalStrike Sandal
Strike Sandal Sale price€86,95