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About Hums


Shoes for a softer world. Inside and outside. Take them on with a smile and challenge everyday life.

Designed in Stockholm, Sweden. Hums quickly became known for its classically elegant and trendy style.

Hums produces luxury slippers for indoor and outdoor use. Our design draws inspiration from our creative director Henrietta Nyvang's illustrative world.

We encourage a lifestyle where people feel relaxed and elegant at the same time. Hummus are perfect for a breakfast on the terrace and to carry among friends at the local bar or cafe.

Hums can be worn on all occasions all year round. The playful look with a stylish and elegant touch appeals to us, and hopefully to you too!

Stylish but not rigid. Wonderful to wear. Artistic and beautiful. At home or at a party.

Hum. Freedom in a pair of shoes.

We have an office in Stockholm. For questions or PR contact