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About Hums

Hum .
Foot fashion for a softer world.
Take them on with a smile. Challenge the boredom. Find a new, cozy comfort zone for ten toes.
Stylish but not stiff. Wonderful to wear. Arty and pretty. At home or at a party.
Hum. Freedom for feet. Make your choice!
Hums offers indoor shoes & slippers for all occasions and is characterized by
of colorful patterns, exclusive embroideries and high-quality craftsmanship.
The shoes are made by hand, in the finest materials.
The light rubber outsole works well both indoors and outdoors.
With its uniquely designed insole in soft lambskin, a pair of Hums will be both a stylish and comfortable feature in your home.
Hums are handmade in Spain to ensure high quality and a small environmental footprint.
Hums is run by the company Humswear AB and has an office
at Kommendörsgatan 34 in Stockholm.
Hum's unique patterns and color combinations are created
by illustrator and co-founder Henrietta Nyvang.