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Shoe care

Shoe care

Taking good care of your new Hums will guarantee them a longer life. Which is of course good for both you and the environment.


Suede is a delicate material so it is important to take care of your Hums. Suede is the outermost part of the skin where the hair has sat (grain side).

Suede has good breathability and high comfort, but can be sensitive to spills and splashes.

Cleaning your suede Hums is easy, as long as they haven't been exposed to severe stains. To remove a stain, use a soft suede brush to brush away loose particles from the suede surface. Then use a clean, soft, damp cloth to gently rub the area and remove any dried surface stain. The canvas also restores some of the texture. If the stain remains, a tip is to rub the stain gently with an eraser or the back of a suede brush. Allow to dry and then gently scrub the surface with a suede brush if necessary. There are a variety of general and more specialized shoe care products that can be purchased. For example, the shoe feels good with a thin layer of suede lotion or similar to nourish the material. Then use neutral or pigmented lotion in the same shade as the shoe.

If you are going to use your Hums outdoors, it can be recommended to impregnate the suede. If the shoes get wet, wipe with a soft and clean cloth and let them dry in a room temperature and dry environment. If the shoes are so wet that they are damp on the inside, we recommend putting newspaper in the shoes to absorb the moisture. Do not dry shoes in front of an element or in direct sunlight as this can dry out the suede. Avoid contact with darker materials when drying, as this may cause color to bleed or transfer to the shoes.

Hums are built on a specially designed outer sole made of layers of rubber and foam, which provides maximum comfort and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you have any questions about maintenance or materials, you are welcome to contact us!