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Slippers ladies

Slip into a world of unbeatable comfort with Hum's handmade slippers - the ultimate choice for a relaxed day at home, a cozy evening or informal dinners with friends. Whether you prefer a pair of timeless black suede slippers, soft velvet slippers or a pair in embroidered suede for a bold and personal style, Hums offers the perfect slippers for your needs. Hums not only exude elegance but are also highly adaptable to be used with ease both indoors and outdoors. Put style in focus and embrace every step with Hums - where comfort and versatility meet in an elegant way.

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Candy Chess slippersCandy Chess slippers
Candy Chess slippers Sale price€110,00
Color Me Happy SlippersColor Me Happy Slippers
Color Me Happy Slippers Sale price€110,00
Sleepwalker Velvet Slippers Sleepwalker Velvet Slippers
Sleepwalker Velvet Slippers Sale price€110,00
Cathy Nordström Flower SlippersCathy Nordström Flower Slippers
Smooth Walker Suede SlippersSmooth Walker Suede Slippers
Smooth Walker Suede Slippers Sale price€110,00
Big Heart SlippersBig Heart Slippers
Big Heart Slippers Sale price€112,95